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Observations about psychology

August 26, 2008

Mohan, mdashf

(some) Observations about psychology,
Aug 26, 2008, 4:19 p.m.

As kids our intelligence is well developed but we don’t yet have much experience with the human world to develop a robust psychological system that adults are equipped with especially since they have a treasure trove of relationships to their account. Kids often express themselves in fewer ways psychologically than adults although an important aspect that we may not overlook is their persistent inquisitiveness to learn new ways.

Kids are great learners of anything that stimulates them and suits their capabilities as human beings. Observing such minute details are often not a very well founded branch of Science. As kids some are obviously outspoken or extroverts. Some fall into another category and are intelligently inwardly talkative. That is, to say, they are of the introvert kind. So much so that they might be cohesive towards a group of kids with similar traits of inward behavior.

There could also be a kind that has outstandingly developed relationship traits and communicate in ways that are considered to be of secretive or suppressive towards expressing the truth of a situation. Yet these might be what some express as “truthful responses” in relationships.

Study of child psychology could lead to a rich body of knowledge that can shed light on how adults themselves behave in the real world as their childhood attributes and behaviors solidify into characteristic traits. For the type of kids thats as much as we can talk about for a normal composition of normal kids.

It could be of some value to such a discussion, to try to bring a personal angle that do not hinge as much on usual childhood traits. As a kid of unusual abilities and a keen habit of keeping track of small details I have often tried to look myself up in a mirror of incomplete but careful observations. I have been known as a fairly outgoing and playful kid. But with as much fervor I know myself to be self protective, cautious and inward thinking.

As yet another possibility I have had phases of solitude although with less intensity than the first two traits.

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