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The Thinker

September 21, 2008

Mohan, mdashf

A very sarcastic polemic poem poking fun at Einstein,
but if you are a careful critique you will mark the praise as well….

me-what a wasteful kid !!

The Thinker
Einstein was a Sthinker, a super symmetric thinker or a plain stinker

You so Sthinking, in the hall of fame
You so loose, in life’s game
You ain’t no loose cannon
But you had babies before the …..

you spread baloonies about grand unification
you pretend you talked to God
you ain’t no blaspheme
but you can’t try it hard

You were determined about falsity in your latter life
You celebrated the celebrity
that you found on our mediocrity
Relativity was no easy job
But you ain’t no ordinary

You are a Msaya a Pope
But none in Science
You ain’t no nonsense
But you sneeze
at great ideas
without the slightest sign of remorse

The BE statistics was none of your idea
but you sleazed
While the world celebrated
the Genius, the poor B lived in oblivion

You had a need, to bond with the best
Were you one, was known to the rest
You ain’t no incest, but you thumped
your chest

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