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My ramblings on science and its ethical connection to politics

September 28, 2008

Mohan, mdashf

sept 28 2008
I am a politically conscious person and detached from its direct  bearing but I am not confined to smaller political concerns. I don’t even wish political good will bring any scientific conscience for the society as I often find politics exhibits a unity of ethics across their inherent divisive boundaries that scientific communities can easily be envious of and not vice versa.

Its the sole responsibility of  so called torchbearers of scientific communities to envisage such an unifying ethics which will bring more power for the cause of science especially at a time of decaying powers. We can debate in favor of the existence of such inherent ethics in the way we carry out scientific missions and try to check the nontrivial significance of the above but we should also remember that the advantage that science has in charioting such ethics for its own safety is threefold.

One, science debates and argues on lines that seem contradictory but it often does not face divisive boundaries at-least as much as politics does.

Two science deals with ideas directly and people indirectly while it is exactly opposite for Politics.

Three, the fundamentals of science are based on inclusiveness and to bring out truth often all the possibilities are taken care of, it would be politically incorrect to adhere to such a fundamental in political theories, at-least as much and as far we have evolved in our political consciousness so far.

Science and politics can be considered two backbones of the society which often go in opposite directions because of how they were envisaged to start with. Its time “Science” takes a note of such subtle basics that will ensure the power-base for times to come. In the opposing scenario, it will be just machines and money to run these machines and people will pay their attention away from science hundreds of years from now.

Thats still a cause enough to worry considering how we have become more and more sensitive to time scales given our unprecedented advancement in science.

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