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On nature of information

May 6, 2009

Mohan, mdashf

What is information??

To my mind a piece of useful data or derivative thereof which can be intelligently dealt with is an information. The first example that pops up in my mind is where some one “informs” us about a schedule, a change of plan or the essence of an event. It inherently contains data that can retain its stability and magnitude over time.

Yet another example is a code or program fed into a computing machine to feed or retrieve useful data and this can be regarded as information that has a stability over a period of time predefined by its magnitude even if its contextual relevance might be lost or simply loss or decay of information from a set or store house of non-correlated but dependent information leading to misinterpretation of information, that can further be listed as non-useful data.

Thus in a fundamental understanding while information can be retrieved from useful data its relevance and therefore the nature of information can change. Therefore information can better be categorized as fundamental information, the kind of information whose stability is ensured by its definition or otherwise a kind of information whose sanctity depends upon how it is defined by its user.

Being able to perceive what makes something a fundamental information and how it can be systematically understood can constitute in itself a very rarefied but powerful filed of study. Its most relevant benefactors would then be how these kind of information are dealt within computers and all other information devices.

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