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On the nature of incomplete knowledge

June 28, 2009

Mohan, mdashf

Its a fallacy to be pre-positioned that only a complete knowledge about something gives us a handle on it. Its possible to predict without complete knowledge. Thats our scope in this vast nature. You don’t have to know the whole universe to be able to drive on I-81. You don’t have to know everything about a wave to be able to describe a wave. This is a defining attribute of physical systems which has made it possible for us to study nature and call this Physics, if you will. I am a man of limited perspective and I often persevere to bring this limited resource of mine to leverage a gainful situation for me.

When I didn’t know the name wave I still knew what a wave is. It still excited me to think about it in a way rain and clouds excited me to think about rain and clouds. I don’t understand waves as much as I don’t understand Ocean. I just know a few facts about waves, rain, clouds, ocean. That doesn’t make me less of a physicist. Physics, as much as any individual human being or a group of them can surmise is limited. Nature is unlimitedly limited. The more we find the more there is.

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