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On people and phenomena

November 25, 2009

Mohan, mdashf

with some humorously indecent jokes

When you complaint about the Maoists you forget about the Gandhians. If the Maoists have sprouted all over *your* nation, why The Gandhians did not find their place into China?? They could be sent there with a Charkha, they could easily cripple the manufacturing based economy. Then China will have something to learn about reverse-infiltrations. Or may be you recruit them “Gandhians needed, slightly protruding abdominal region will be considered with impunity. An ability to produce a value system of loath will be beneficial to our organization.”

On Obama
“Boy, bend as much as you like.”

On Bal “Gangadhar” Thakre

“What an idiot you are. And how on earth so many people are your followers? You have one mantra. Make people’s life inconvenient. Ah, that’s the reason so many people follow you, out of fear. And why can’t the authority put you in jail?? that’s because your life will be better in a jail. Rot”

On Salma Hayek ” I want to sleep with you but not have sex with you?? Mama give me some candies to suck on”

On myself ” what a??”

On Manmohan Singh “All the italian jokes must be banned. but the sardar jokes are fine. ”

On Rahul Gandhi ” Candies of the nation. suck. Your papa was great, Your grand papa was great. your mama is great, your papa’s mama was great, your papa’s mama’s papa was great. Your papa’s mama’s papa’s papa was great. What a great fucking line-up. Ok if you don’t like that phrase, check this out, what a powerful genetic recombination”

On Einstein ” Will you teach me relativity?? I want to see into the mind of a ghost”

On Feynman ” No words for you, but that’s because you never had any words for anyone. You are great but that’s not because others are not. They are not anyway. But the world is definitely fortunate to have you. and I am proving myself wrong because I already have words for you. Anything said about you is like making oneself wrong. You are right because others are wrong.??

Two things are always beneficial. Making someone happy and making someone unhappy. Its the same feeling. Its about making someone realize that you know something about him. For that fear or that cosy comfort you give him he can do you a favor.

Recession is natures way to preserve ethics, recession is not man made….these are economic calamities at large??

Science is more a respect for the unknown than a disrespect for the known. We are driven by such a fundamental consciousness about our spiritual existence. When someone said Science has a spiritual connection this is what it sounded to me.

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