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The Bhubaneswar International Airport is a dream like Vedanta University, signed a petition

August 16, 2010

Mohan, mdashf

A friend asked me to sign a petition for something which is close to my heart since a decade. and I write the following, what follows is what I answered to him in private

I believe upgrading Bhubaneswar airport to an international airport should be one of the highest priority of the Airports Authority of India. I am an international traveler (Globe trotter) and have been an elite member in  frequent flier programs such as Star alliance and Delta sky-miles. I have traveled to most major destinations in the world and often fly back to my home state Odisha through Bhubaneswar airport, there are many more like me, who are from this region in our country and are high profile visitors. Its only unfortunate and saddening that some regions have more than 2 international airports and some regions do not even have one despite their presence on business, culture, education, tourism hot spots.

Dear H,

Back in 2003 or 2004, I criticized the fact that Bhubaneswar airport is not an international airport.  Back then I was traveling so much although not so much to Odisha. But it was enough to give me an idea about our home state. And back then there were a lot of folks who were well established out side of Odisha and I am sure everybody faced many different kind of problems but there hardly ever was an effort to create a web site and raise the voice. If that were so we could have easily said now, look we shouted so and so many years ago but the same problems are continuing.  (You suckers you think the whole Odisha is just gonda and munda and pre civilization tribes. Dont you. Then you should make a scheduled tribe list where all odisha people will be put alike.)

But this were not to happen then. People are just too self centered and by the time the problems are well perceived it loses a great deal of support because  its put into the same damn problems of everybody and everyday. Just a month ago or so I had an argument with someone about Vedanta Univ, they just think its unnecessary for Odhisha , and they are holding positions of academic authority in Odisha. So when their mentality is such God bless Odisha (If God is too busy blessing America, we should write a petition online to spare us some of his blessings) They also thought that Indian technology and culture is better than the western civilization . With such mentality they can also say Bhubaneswar airport is better than Philadelphia airport or so. So the powers that be at center may   say, well these folks wont be unhappy if their airports and IITs and universities can be shifted to say 3 decades from now what difference does it make. Our folks are happy to have their own ac fitted govt offices, nice apartments and a well paying job. It doesn’t matter where  we are heading or if our sense is working if we are spiraling.


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  1. sandip #
    September 6, 2010

    nice one ….

  2. November 21, 2011

    It is too much required for our peoples and visitor.

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