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Internet is a brilliant tool in the hand of man, Internet killed the TV star.

August 29, 2010

Mohan, mdashf

Internet was invented in the last two decades. It was envisioned and realized in the high energy physics labs. But its scope of transferring data from one node to another or between computers that were geographically restricted to a small scale of space, where the satellites were not used to redirect the signals has undergone unprecedented metamorphosis. I mean from where one could only send some information across to virtually all of human existence, that’s one big leap in a matter of two decades.

The revolution of internet is comparable to the classic industrialization and even renaissance. With the massive commercialization that opened its doors to the internet you not only purchase your air ticket or your lovers favorite lingerie, you can order Pizza over the internet. If times will be nicer you can order your morning idli and tea from the comforts of your living room.

When and if airfare will be mind cloggingly expensive you may drop your plans for a business trip and give your presentation from your office. Yea, its happening already and we use video conference so much, but only as an option, not the only option. Of-course it does not give us the pleasure of physical travel, but think of the old man who can not travel much or the financially constrained who needs to make that video connection because he can not have his immigration documents in time.

Talking about immigration documents what happens if there is a war. Can all sorts of communication be influenced including the internet communication itself. I am thinking, if the possibility of all future wars has become a myth given the tremendous mobility of information and knowledge which wasn’t possible even 2 decades ago. With this advancement of communication whats only in sight as a valid factor to the possibility of a future war is the so called propensity of human civilization itself, to go into war. But what I am hinting here is the fact that the tremendous mobility of information and communication itself can avert wars to the point where any war happening just for the sake of happening, out of human beings need to imagine it happening is a rare thought.

If wars do not happen there is no need to stop oneself from physically traveling. But a war can stop all modes of communication including the internet although the internet is more controlled by the Governmental misdirections, eg the recent Wiki-leak event and ban on Skype and Google. War or no war there always will be civil strife. And in times of such strife I conjecture that the most effective means of communication from one community to another will be internet. Although such a robust and sophisticated internet system is yet to take birth. If we compare present day internet with the infant internet, the one that was borne in CERN, as we are told, then the internet I am envisaging is the one that is to be compared to the present day internet and the present day internet will look as an infant to this future internet.

So in this future version we will have no other communication media, everything will be internet. And if that happens you can easily say internet killed the TV star. Your TV, radio, newspaper everything will be replaced by a machine. Well such an internet may not come in just 2 decades. But if some of the best inventions yet to be realized but waiting at some corner of the world to come to life , which can not happen if unexpected wars, strife and calamities happen, then that can only accelerate such unification of the world media and communication systems. And it will be for the good.

We do not know as of now, but given the trends of recent times in the next two decades we might have internet replacing our watchmen and burglar alarms. If an American is sleeping and he has outsourced his video surveillance system someone working here in India or Indonesia may give a safe wake call. If he has forgotten to deactivate that video ss and is walking on his park instead, the caller from India can recognize this from some intelligent message from the system and say “ hello happy hanuka.. ”

So there is massive amount of information today running across the globe to reach anyone divided by the great geography of planet earth. Almost all of the business is done by some sort of tooling from the internet. At some level the internet is involved for any business transaction. And its only wise and smart to do so. If you convert everything you have into some sort of electronic form without losing the quality or quantity you are only doing yourselves a favor.

Of-course this may also produce a massive amount of junk and simultaneously you have to keep the paper copy. I am a fan of the storage technology but more so the antique looks of libraries and storing places. When I will have my house I will have a special room for saving garbage. Another special room will be for saving books and expensive stuff. The fact that I have a garbage room will remind me that garbage is always produced in any process that needs to be kept and recycled and my garbage will help me remember that I can make a search and find something if needed no matter how difficult.

I may continue to think about many more brilliant applications of the internet today, that has fundamental significance for the future of internet technology. But this will probably need another session of motivated thinking. And right-now I must go to bed..

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