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Do I believe in democracy?

August 30, 2010

Mohan, mdashf

(With some gossip)

Democracy is a system of governance, which took over from the Kings. But actually it took over from all forms of Royal authority. The latter can also be often called a feudalist system. It was a way of society for millennia or more. Of-course there is no way we can revert this present day system of governance despite of the fact that there could have been many dark alleys in this system which are worse than what was with the Royal system.

But I am not here to advocate for the royal system. I have not lived any royal system of governance. So my feelings would be what I could ascribe to imaginative influence of stories and movies, theater, drama and so on.

But my feelings about democracy are the ones that can be ascribed to how our system behaves when we say we all are responsible towards forming our rules and policies. Given that I have come across many different systems of governance in day today life, and as I have tried to understand the people behavior in such systems, I am of the opinion that democracy is not a system of governance that will ever lead to an equitability of the basic civil needs of many communities.

If these 3rd world communities are tied to the horsepower of the advanced countries in some way, the latter is often fettered by the lack of true understanding of the cause of such poverty.

One of the basic failures of the American or Indian democracy can be realized from the few facts of opinion I give here.

The American policies are often an example of poor understanding of world affairs. But the paranoid response is to formulate arm-twisting. If it worked for a decade, so far so good. Now invent another trick. Bullying, yes, that’s the oldest one as far back as the early of the atomic era or precisely from the time of the Nuclear Bombs use.

If one trick fails there is always one more up the sleeve, it’s called diplomatic wallet, and in each of these, the policies must reflect a deep understanding of international affairs and dynamics. 

But the real reason why many such policies fail is the fact that there is no true underlying sympathy or human concern in applying these principles.

Even if such policies are often formulated by great deal of insights or vision when it comes to implementation, there are these usual foxes that take care of the rowdy aliens. One glaring example is the homeland security. Everything that we do not like about the alien must come under the purview of homeland security.

How about understanding the fact that the world already changed their impression about the goodies of the USA. This is no more a place, which treats everyone equally. Whether that’s because of an attack on the conscience, coming from the external world of terror or something that had been happening around the world and the USA is not out of the bounds of this world needs some deeper introspection.

Actually the USA needs to fore-go that repute of the land incredible… opportunities incredible. Because in its fear of the worlds rise, it has lost its sleep, gone through insecurities, which now it does not understand how to take care.

I am always hopeful as it’s in the world’s interest to preserve that status of world power and land of freedom but the world doesn’t fore-go. 

The world doesn’t create its order out of obligation to Barack Obamas call nor can Barack Obama procure such an order from Natures lap because it got this Illuminati appeal.

I am for one not a believer that worlds top leaders can be a member of such esoteric clans, but who knows where the secret inspirations come from. For another thing Nature didn’t make an amendment to its thermodynamics principles in a really really long time. But the chance that it will do so is feeble. As feeble as the noisy dots on your TV screen when everything is quite clear.

Now, look at the failures of Indian democracy. The first failure started when the Indians went for the so-called freedom struggle. A struggle that continued for a century. They struggled to not understand the fact that most of the material development and some reasonable spiritual and conscience development did come from mainly the British. But that was so because the Brits dwelled in the lime light for like only 2 centuries.

And that saw most of the modern growth of today’s India, so visible, that to counteract such a fact one has to resort to pure hooliganism or impure logic. There is just no way we would be even where we are today.

If it were only the politically minded citizen that would refuse to see the grain of truth it was going to be fine. But with adulteration of history with untruths and power controlling of the production and distribution of history and to patently block history of India of non-Indian origin with a fear of the same origin that saw us to struggle and declare our independence has blocked the judgment of the most educated in this country.

That’s why, secretly, many years ago I wished every Indian at least get one chance to move out of the bounds of their own country and to get that cherished education that would redeem at least some Indians of the falsity and faults of history, or need I say more, unhistory.

That time reached primarily because of many reasons happening at the same time, not just because the westerner immediately became enticed by the prospect of having the Indian, irrespective of the latter’s blatant lack of respect for each other, let alone a person of another culture or community.

But so suave these folks are for a while, that they will make the best of the best look fool. The inherent dogged greed to enjoy the merry of another country, to enjoy, and to show proclivity towards what brings one profit are the priorities that made these suave folks in possession of the same problem that I wished were redeemed.

But it’s not entirely because of a mindset of the Indians. 

I have seen and I do not see any reason why I should not share this is the fact that the so-called westerner enjoys to entertain the falsities of the Indian as long as the Indian knows how to please. Because the Indian is often brilliant or mostly bright, comes with new ideas pretty quickly and knows how to be disrespectful towards another Indian and knows how to be respectful towards even the not even westerner it all adds a charm to his ways to become successful.

Am I sounding too cynical? Sorry I am just telling you stuff as I have seen them. If the fact that some ones hair is brown sounds cynical to you or even inappropriate, sorry.

Now that the Indian has the charm and the temporary success and he is also contributing greatly towards the success of the westerner where is the problem? What’s the big hue and cry about outsourcing? What’s with the smell of the curry and the pooping with tissue paper in your mouth? It all adds to incredible India.

But I just hit 2 points if you observed. If we are so good to each other why we dispel each other from our psyches. Or do we? We cannot stay together but we need each other. Doesn’t Independence Day sound like a divorce drama now?

I mean look at how many people from our shores are living abroad for like decades and even generations. And this number is into millions and in every corner of the world. Did I say it’s a bad thing? No. I mean our great father Gandhi Jee lived sizable amount of his life abroad. How was it possible back then in a not an independent India?

And the fact is that he did, why was he so desperate about not wearing western clothes. God I would have liked him in jeans with a Kuch Kuch hota hai on his lips. Or may be he could have told us more about how to seduce a firangi lady.

Nah it was Nehru’s flamboyancy that worked wonders. Lord Mount batten was clueless about the power the real Indian possessed. But Gandhi, he was just happy with his Sabarmati ladies.

And what were we to learn from history? To go Indian ladies in the tunes of Bhagbad Geeta or something. God! Release us from the fetters of our psychopathic ways. Please let us learn some blues or hip-hop. 

No, it will never happen. We will always have the Baba Sehgals and Stereo Nations. But God does that give us a pleasure, yes it does, more than Rabi Shankar or …

But we are elated when we get the approval from the westerners. 

One time in Chicago airport one white lady was way too proactive in telling me she saw the movie Monsoon wedding, probably before making sure, I care or not. But God, I was flamboyant and I reciprocated like a true American, I said glad you enjoyed it. I did not mind I was 10 minutes late.

In another great democracy half way across the globe, the lady at the immigration counter made me simmer my agony inside for half an hour because she continued asking me every detail, how to go to US?, how TOEFL is taken?, How GRE is taken?, how admission is obtained ? and so on.

I guess two reasons, either I am handsome or she could not resist or she has a younger brother who she wants to send to US and she could not find any other way t o extract this info rather than to make someone wait for half an hour when he is flying. 

The typical American in me voiced she is a bitch, just get going. The typical Indian like me would interpret what an emotional story line for another great Indian movie.

I do not know any more than the above about democracy so I told you my favorite airport stories.

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