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The precision of the inverse square law of the gravity

September 4, 2010

Mohan, mdashf

The precision of the inverse square law of the gravity

Just how precise and correct is the inverse square law of gravity. I mean everyone who has heard about it knows that every mass attracts every other by certain force. And so Earth pulls the objects in its vicinity such as a satellite (or an apple) towards it. Thats gravity. But those who practice at least some form of gravity on their education or in their profession know the fact that its an inverse square law. That is, the force becomes as weaker as the square of the distance between the earth and the object. This is called inverse square law therefore. And if you know another fact about gravity, its that, gravity is a so called central force. That is earth will always try to pull you towards its center. (then why the airplanes that crash, fly off in random directions and end up anywhere. ) And so will any mass that will apply its gravity on another, it will pull the object towards its center. And this is different from another kind of force where the forces are directed away from the center. These guys such as a nuclear object, knows how to pull but misses the central direction, why, why is personal, there might not be any answer to that)

So Gravity is a central and inverse square law of force. How is that related to the precision with which we know that its inverse squared and central. I often find it very aching when I rotate on my chair. I get a head ache if I rotate very fast, even from just a couple of rotation. I realize that when we are sitting on the earth we are rotating on a wheel chair which is moving like 30 kilo met ps around the sun. If Sun were to keep the precision of a central force for the objects on earth such as we then we wouldn’t feel a thing while rotating like that. And we dont. But rotating a few met ps on a chair we feel a great deal of turbulence. And if we were to know the precision of central force we wouldn’t feel a thing. So our precision which is hardly the disturbance of a little fluid in side our head which would be as large as only a head of our size , at the maximum, is quite small compared to the precision of the Sun which is taking the earth on a scary merry go round. If we can measure the tiny force that is responsible for causing a little head ache because all the fluid in the head is moving then we would know how precise we are with a central force. And do we know a way for it. Also to know the precision of a inverse square law we could place a container with fluid and measure the forces on the empire state building and we would know the difference on the ground.

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