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Why is God so venerable?

September 4, 2010

Mohan, mdashf

God must be a sucking architect if he created Universe. I mean where is the living room, just the planet earth. And where do we poof. In the living room. And where do we study and sleep, in the living room. Where a scientist like me finds such an idea for a living room, a joke, Religion would find it brilliant. See, He is a great creator and architect, Its the best studio apartment in the whole Universe, Planet Earth. So religion is a manipulation, where as science is showing a path never known before..I mean Science is like hello we know how to Google the Universe. Religion is like we lost the key to our Universe, But, He, who is God, takes care of it. But given that the unusual rash ways of science, howsoever endearing they may be, they are just to be adored and respected. But the unattended mind usually choose to follow. That’s the triumph of Religion, not God. That’s not the failure of science. Its not either a limitation, Its an exit. Hello, you wanna pull out to Sanity Ville or be enchanted and enamored in the feelings of religious God.

And if, scientists do not sound to be quite sane to you, its only because they are so restrained in their thoughts that they may usually laugh themselves out rather than explain because that would take the sanity out of them. They will perspire a life times sweat. But to enchant you and to make you a bondage of religious God that is the power of the Pope, Saint Vincent, and a religious doctrine monger. Like one who says Science explains but Religion interprets. Whoaaa. And why religion cant explain. Because there is no reason. And reason is an enemy of faith. Science does the interpretation first before the explanation. And explanation is not necessary if the interpretation is wrong. See where I am going.

And also God must be a sucking terrorist. He created a Universe by exploding a Macadamia Nut. So we must convert him into an acceptable unquestionable form of reverence that transcends human beings instinct to query because it throws doctrines into a pool of unsavory pathogenic gel from where only a Saint would try to rescue it. I have reverence for such a saintly persona, in direct conflict with my verbal irreverence. And I have verbal irreverence for such an idiot in direct conflict with his saintly persona.

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