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Bon Viveur

February 20, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

Dark Meister >> Megan you sure about pulling it tight up in time

Megan >> Plum-heart, I am going to jump right out  as soon as you pull over

Dark Meister >> I am worried about the snow, we have to swoop in right, as soon as I pull over

Megan >> Bon viveur, its your shot, I am drowning myself into the store as soon as we are there

Dark Mesiter >> its gonna take a couple peeks at that, I expect you to keep a sturdy step and a vigilant eye

Megan >> we have done this before, we are going to soak in all the breeze and march on

Dark Meister >> The sheriffs must be all snoring, we go nuts, remember its 2 am, Uptown Chicago,

nobody smells a rat in that damn place, I drive it right to the Al Capones Villa.

The cops never bother to go there. Hearing gunshot is pretty common.

And we don’t  pooh. You gotta take it for a while.

There is a nice liquor shop and a convenient store right by there.

Megan >> that’s one hell of a job. We gotta do what we gotta do. I am with you.

Dark Meister >> OK, I count on you, I look for the best brand and get back to our 3 am plan.

Megan >> You sure its all gonna work out, the adventure isn’t gonna take away the venereal fun.

Dark Mesiter >> alright lets.. uh get a little cozy…now, (snugging and smooching)    we may save some for later


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