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Would you still love me !!

March 25, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

I just came across a celebrity’s blog who I think, has got my formula to attract some audience…and its called negative reinforcement. He writes he sucks at blog (I thought he sucked at celebrity more than at writing blogs, but I am not taking his name here so I am safe from his fans) He indeed sucked at writing blogs. But there aint any blue raspberry muffins or anything and for one thing I wouldn’t eat these stuff given my ailments at eating sugarsome food. I do break my barriers sometime in childish and greedy saliva producing temptation. SO here goes my lines, in line with my heading, not that I don’t have anything meaningful to write but its an exception, I want to break the barrier.

If I am flipping a burger would you still love me? (I like to love you while you are flipping it)

If I am bitten by a dog (or bitch) would you still love me !!

If I am flipping a chalupa, a burritos a roti anything would you still love me?

If I am working in a Dunkin Dough nut??

What if I work in a Bank?? Would you still love me. You will definitely. But if I work in a Leh-Man Brother outlet? Or you still call it a Bank….

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