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Is Ramdev an aggressive religious billionaire?

June 6, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

Is Ramdev an aggressive religious billionaire?


On a public forum like twitter I said this today “Seems like Ramdev is the first aggressive religious billionaire of India, a la Bin Laden…of course he has been misleading India.”

Since such an opinion reaches millions I want to write few more things that you may not know, like I did not know.

Now Bin Laden everybody knows had floated real terror organizations across the world that had killed and destroyed many innocent lives and property and truthfully speaking I don’t see such a scenario of Ramdev turning into a terror emperor.

But is he an outright religious bigot? YES. And given a free hand he will destroy not only the religious fabric of India but also it’s scientific temperament. He is not at all a clean leader. He is misleading our country through his religious and quirky networks. Devising unproven medicinal schemes that run not only contrary to the most powerful medical science practices but are out rightly witch-hunting. As a scientist I cannot tolerate anymore.

This is what has been disclosed in a local daily today. (What I did not know but in a generic way always suspected similar things)

Mr Acharya Balkrishna an important aide of Ramdev is absconding after the recent raid on the Ramlila gathering. Our government at New Delhi, clarifies that Ramdev through this aide had agreed to close his gathering proceedings by 4 pm which is not even evening. Since he did not follow his agreement the administration disclosed this written agreement which Ramdev terms as a betrayal. (Who started first?)

The congress has also claimed that Mr Balakrishna is an outlaw. He is a Nepali citizen who has possessed a forged Indian passport. He has been described as a criminal from Nepal who is living in India, what better place to resort to than a religious organization that does not believe in modern practices.

Now the government of India wants to investigate into the nature of Ramdev’s assets and finances which he has purportedly amassed through illegal means himself. I had a few weeks ago ran into an argument with a fellow on twitter who thought Ramdev is in a crusade against illegal millionaires and billionaires, so the latter wants to stop Ramdev by any means.

I had reasoned with him why this does not make sense. I have (and most therefore of my age) have come across the discussion of Black money of India in Swiss Banks since at-least 25 years (when I was a kid, this was as hot as it is now) We didn’t even know of Ramdev until 2004 or something  when he sprouted into fame as a Yoga Guru and a spiritual motivator (this country has seen thousands literally most of whom turn out to be charlatans and shams)  

And talking about influential religious powers our Shankarcharya a few years ago was put into jail for manslaughter.

(Killing or getting someone killed are equal crimes in the eyes of law, everyone talks about how long the hands of law is, in India, nobody talks how blind law could be unless coaxed with reason!!)

If it were any other country Ramdev was going to be behind the bars in a prison but this is India. For fear of a backlash the Government usually does not take action against religious crimes. The religious criminals amass huge deals of wealth and live like billionaire emperors rather than a Sadhu. Ramdev is the worst of such examples.

I am diverting a little from my last paragraph but not entirely from the topic. Namely I had reasoned with the enthusiast from twitter. I told him if Ramdev is such a clean leader and a crusader against corrupt practices of communities (which there are none around the world, not even Jesus Christ) then shouldn’t he first come clean and make for himself a formidable base as a fighter against corruption. Why? Because as is customary in India all religious millionaires and billionaires amass their wealth from their devotees and in a larger fraction of the situation this is ill gotten money.

A minster who is corrupt and religious at the same time (and add to that all the IAS officers except a minuscule) will give gifts to their favorite religious Guru a handsome payment who can in turn influence his devotees which can include someone who is empowered with taking action against the former. SO it’s a triangular gain-sharing mechanism where two devotees having the knife to fight with each other are stopped from doing so when the Kingpin, the religious Guru is bribed. The Guru sees to it that the corrupt practices of the minister or the officer are not taken into account when the other devotee laced with Governmental power is asked to do this by another factor in the unstructured religious-secular-governmental chain that exist in our country today.

The Guru gets a handsome bill that can run into multi millions. The “wannabe clean” minister or officer is assured that no action will be taken against him. The other factor here, the one who is laced with the power to take action but religiously influenced may or may not be financially corrupt.

I did not reason so well with the fellow. The twitter has it’s own rules. But I said it’s customary. Look at Sai Baba, look at any other religious billionaire. Their money has a huge fraction that is tainted. Will Ramdev disclose the list of his devotees that have gifted him all his wealth? SO in a future date if the Government discloses such a list from Swiss accounts, Ramdev will come clean and we would know he is the man that this country needs.

But if Ramdev does not come clean with his own list of Black money accounts of his devotees who is even going to trust him. May be he is just shouting and blackmailing us to hide his black history and to gain political insulation. May be he is into the illegal billionaires that he is claiming he is fighting with. I have more examples to furnish but I stop from that.

Now the Government has come clear with the following data which must blow your mind.

The Government indeed wants to investigate into his wealth, which like what action it took on a defiant indisciplined religious power was the need of the hour. I like both actions. This country must be prepared to give it’s citizen a future which is free from religious and untruth based environment.

It has been noted that Ramdev has amassed as much as 11,000 crores of Indian rupees. This is 1 zero less billion INR, 1100 billion INR. If you divide that by only 50 it gives you an approximate wealth in dollars, 22.0 billion US dollars. With this much wealth he was going to produce 10.0 Bin Ladens in Afganistan or Pakistan!! Which would have destroyed the world 2.1 times? More potent than atomic weapons in stock. It also proves how ridiculously religious Indian people are that are given to the whims of their religious imagination because they keep pouring wealth to these charlatans. Why do we need black money from Switz? We can take this money and build highways, hospitals and universities.

He is grossly misleading the country when he is actually living like Warren Buffet or somebody. The Government claims are, he has got 200 companies enlisted to him and his partners. He is also into land business, yes real estate. In 34 companies of this Mr Balkrishna, the Nepali absconder is a director. Gives enough reason why he is absconding but the Government must come with evidence towards it’s claims and competitive actions.

Very interestingly but naturally, because Ramdev is enjoying the status of a Hindu Pope through his huge networks of religiously blinded devotees, the Shankaracharya, the formal Hindu Supreme religious leader, has demanded a disclosure of the wealth of Ramdev which has been amassed through quackery and illegal networking. There are many such religious billionaires as per him.

Now Mayabati who sympathises with Ramdev against police action has also not allowed Ramdev to travel through her state. Lest this creates an unexpected turn in the political events of the state.

(By the way there is also a “news” today that the chief minister of Odisha is one such billionaire except a political one, he has in the last 11 years by allowing illegal means in every sphere of governance in Odisha amassed for himself a huge wealth which makes him one of the richest chief ministers in the country, keep getting shocked if you are to realize what really is going on in this country at the scale of the quantum.)

The country has thousands of such “chors” and “chor” always “machaye shor” in various ways

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  1. Ashis #
    July 15, 2011

    Mohan, you are absolutely right, Ramdev is a bhogi and rogi but not a yogi. Even Ramdev’s knowledge of Hathayog is limited inview of the fact that Ramdev does not even know that practicing of hathayoga by common people for attaining good health is a person specific asanas and same can not be performed through TV channels, even such teachings of yoga through TV can do more harm than good.

    As per santh samaj of Haridwar, Ramdev is a criminal who in connivance with his friend Balakrishna and one Karamvir, forced Swami Shankardevji to transfer the vast land of of Kripalu Bagh Ashram in favour of the newly formed trust Divy yog Mandir Trust at Kankhal and after immediate transfer of the land where present Patanjal Yog Peeth stands, Swami Shankardevji vaished in thin air and sanths of Haridwar claims Swamiji has been murdered. The claim corroborates the provision of Indian Trust Act 1982, as Swami Shankardevji being the creator of the Divyjog Mandir Trust, would have always remained as the final authority of the Trust and could have sacked Ramdev as a trusty at his sweet will and most certainly would not have allowed the trusty Ramdev to undertake business in name of his religious Trust as a Religious/Charitable Trust is not allowed to undertake business.

    Ramdev is businessman who is in the market to sell religion and spirituality which would be further evident from the fact that Ramdev preferred to secure exclusive right on the word “VEDIC” for use of the same in the course of his business of selling religion and spirituality through CDs,DVD,s cassettes etc. Whereas the word ‘vedic’ is considered as the script of God by Hindus all over the world and as such the said word is in public domain and as per Trade Mark Registration Act a word in public domain is registrable as a trade mark, as nobody can have any exclusive right on such word. The said registration in the foreign country was later on suspended.

    The man who promoted Ramdev to what he is today that is the owner of Astha T.V Channel, was forced to sell his channel to Ramdev & Balakrishna, who renamed it as Vedic Broadcasting limited with subscribed paid up share of Rs.16.00 Crore and Balakriskrishna owns more than 90% of the said paid up shares.

    Mohan, I find that Government after having found out the criminality and the fraudulent activities of the Ramdev & his associates, prefer to use the same to diffuse Ramdev threat rather than taking appropriate action.

    Mohan, you will be astonished to know that Ramdev is collecting donation by appointing agents who are paid handsome commission just like Sahara India. Even Ramdev is instrument in converting huge amount of black money by misusing of provision of exemption of Income Tax under section 80G applicable to Religious/ Charitable Trust.

    I strongly feel Ramdev & Balakrishna are potential threat to the safety and security of this country and should be dealt with firmly.

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