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ダーシャの “カエル 言う” 俳句, Dasha’s “Frog said” Haiku

June 18, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

1. カエル 言う, 雨わ良いです, 美しよ

“Kaeru iu, ame wa yoidesu, utsukushi yo”

[frog says, rain is good, beautiful ain’t it !]

2. カエル 言う, 雨わ思い ね, 友人来た

“kaeru iu, ame wa omoi ne?, Yujin kita”

[Frog says, you love the rain ?, (and) Friend came]

3. カエル 言う,花 咲かせる と,雨 来た

(kaeru iu, hana sakaseru to, ame kita)

[Frog says, flowers blooming, rain’s coming]

or as Mr google says

“Frog says, and the flowers bloom, the rain came”

4. quasi-haiku, (you can try to fix this)

iro futteiru, bijin joesi nure, iro no ame futte,

色 不っている, 美人女性濡れ, 色 の 雨 振って

>>> रंग बरसे, भीगे चुनरवाली, रंग बरसे (5,7,5, a popular in Hindi)

5. カエル 言う,花火 時間, 自転車 ある?

(kaeru iu, hanabi jikan, jitensha aru?)

[Frog says, it’s light-fair time, got a bicycle?]

{the fire works (hanabi) in Japan I enjoyed in 2002, I went there on a bicycle, so this haiku is for that, on return there were a bunch of Japanese college girls that flirted with us Gaijins and parted ways after a few miles, hell of fun}

6. カエル 言う
マハラジャ M

‎”Kaeru iu, kuruma kara kita, Maharaja M”

Frog says
Came from a car
Maharaja M

{In 2005 when I came out of a car I saw a Frog in front of me, but I didn’t know how to say that in Japanese, Back then I knew how to say many important things, in Japanese, but not this…a frog poking fun at a man}

and this one to my friend Karina

7. カエル 言う、つくばにも降った、マハラニ K

“kaeru iu, Tsukuba nimo futta, Maharani K”

[Frog says, even Tsukuba was shaken, Empress K]

8. カエル 言う, 雨わ良いです, 美しよ

“kaeru iu, ame wa yoi desu, utsukushi yo”

[Frog says, rain is good, beautiful ain’t it!]

While in Japan, I was told many many times, Frog is a sign of “auspicious”, good, where I come from it’s considered at-least poetic. I have translated or created mny of my haikus to it’s odia equivalent with the spirit of 5,7,5 in another article. (will paste link later)

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