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Taking off

June 22, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

Once I was flying Delta, perhaps from Kansai to takes 13 hours…When we boarded the flight the ladies go “welcome aboard, we are taking off shortly, We will give you a short prep on security instructions…To your right is this…blah blah…”

It’s a flight of 13 hours, gosh, and they serve you god food, wine, movies, when you sleep they even give you those blankets but  you wonder if that’s all.

When you leave “Thank you for flying Delta Airways, we wish you a happy Chicago afternoon”. I could not stop it any more, I asked “you said you are taking off shortly, it’s a 13 hours journey and you didn’t”

“What are you saying Sir, we are landing in Chicago, Sir did you board the wrong flight Sir”

I said “Never Mind”

I think that’s when it flashed her. A minute from then I hear “Son of …..gun”

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