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Say what?

July 2, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

I always tick the “This post is super-awesome” before I write my posts.

Say what?

Why Indians are so crazy about the black money and as far as it goes the black money hidden in the Swiss banks. We all know when our parents did a wrong thing. Some parents use their positions to get their kith and kin a job in Government organizations. An officer swindles millions of dollars, the family and the club friends know of it. Nobody raises a voice until there is a scam scam euphoria. We are all so opportunistic that it really does not make any sense why we should be concerned about the black money of all colors. We are riddled with 1000 deeper problems that never get the attention.

Oh now I would sound a bit less educated on financial matters and a bit insensitive to popular conscience. SO I lost my eligibility to be a finance minister in this country. A man who does not understand the loss this country would suffer by having the black money stashed in a foreign bank is a man deemed unfit for that position. What was I dreaming? Finance minister?? God damn hilarious.

And what do I know about the social activists, they are in my mind going to achieve nothing for this country or it’s ethical dillemas. What were they doing all along since the last few years? It’s trollish and self centered and opportunistic to raise a hue and cry rather than devise any practical solution to our country’s immense needs in all aspects. To waste time for a Lokpal that will hardly do anything meaningful except be eternally lost in the whirlpool of legalities, only social activists could do this. But I still fare good wish here, who knows what they can really do to the scandle patriarchs, provided the Lokpal itself is honest.

I lost my eligibility to be a finance minister since I do not show any sign of deep understanding of this country’s financial calculations: bring the money from swiss bank and we will see light for ever for this country, what a thought, the only man in this country that had thought so was Chanakya, a milenia ago. In Chanakya’s time the black money was remitted to locations in China and far east (just kidding K!). There was also a sadhu who had threatened the national government in Chanakya’s time his name was …. Aghorilal kapal bhati Yoga bashistha. (Dojo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)

But do I have the qualifications to be the prime minister of this country? I hear one does not need much of that, look at Deve Gowda (ofcourse he is a billionaire, but before or after the PMship?) he was sleeping there all the time. And VP Singh, nobody hears about him anymore, I am not even sure he is alive or not. It is better to study Botany in college than remember all the honorable politicos of the country.

But what’s wrong with Singh? Is he the King? Or a tiny little phany in the closet of some legalized alien? Nobody knows that. But if this is found out that he is then inform me and I will come with the answer “He does not have any right to continue in the PM’s office”. This country is run by a bunch of “United to rule, divided to follow” self seeking, shouting ethics and national integrity, millionaires and more. It’s party politics.

I am still not barred to join such a group, except my chances are a part per million. That’s an often found unit in Physical studies. The rest of 1 million minus 1 per million chance is vetoed/willed for the Gandhinized  scions of our country. “Gandhi, Gandhi, Gandhi, Gandhi hai to PMship hai” I can jump my phany and dance but never become such a valuable leader in this or any country because I would never like to be, but just sayin. I can point to my tussy and say I also have a Gandhi just a little accented ‘Gand hai”

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