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My theory for language of ancient Asia (ideas)

September 16, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

I have created this blog site at the same address of my main blog: webmohan.wordpress. This one is with name infyinfo.wordpress and this will work as a buffer to my main site so I can post here my latest updates instead of twitter or facebook.

one base langauge was created and every multiletter word was first formulated, by varying the word between various sentences, then these words were taken and cut-off into single letter words, the various regions had a choice which letter to take. Or the same 1-letter was chosen everywhere but with usage over long period formed various words of present times.

note: apart from the few words I already mentioned many chinese words have a cognate-part in Indian languages, eg leg, hand, face, body/region/place etc..

Oh hair too, faa, baa(l) [chinese: faa, Indian: baa(l), additional “l” is just a sound inheritance.

Also one interesting thing is chinese: fu, Indian: Pu [male], it is wrongly in the Indian scenario, maintained that male is: purusa, it’s a tri-syllable or bisyllable with further modifications causing it a tri-syllable. The original seems to be only 1-syllable like it’s in chinese. Note that there are other words in chinese/japanese that have interesting connections. In Chinese and Japanese also they have bi-tri syllables but evidently that formed from mono-syllables. The Pu-ru-sa/sha in Indian the present day multi-syllable merely represents the mono-syllable with additional modification. eg Pu=male, ru=rupa=form, sa=sha=body. It is relevant to point out here that sha may have come from ansha/anga it self to mean body. SO Purusha may have come from “PuRuAnSha itself meaning: male-form-body or male-form-factor. (Interestingly I do not find the fu=male in chinese translation on google-transLAT today which I found yesterday but I take this risk since I haven’t been under alcohol since many months)

I will append here other language analysis-snippets I did on facebook, so that there is a continuity of various facts, I will delete them gradually from facebook and once an article has been long enough, I will create new article. If I see it fit at sometime, given to my preoccupations, I will try to place them back to my main blog here on wordpress.



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