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UPDATED: OPERA has lost it’s claim on superluminal neutrino

December 8, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

UPDATE; 10 Dec 2011: There is an update to this analysis which will change the results but is much more stringent on OPERA. SO the following should be taken as a partial attempt. Check here for latest result: Bad news for OPERA

update to this article: (No superluminal neutrinos)

neutrino police chart, CSI of OPERA. To be superluminal OPERA neutrinos need better precision in energy than compton wavelength. Their propertimes are also uncertain by the compton wavelength, which spreads to the speeds, any excess they are seeing is actually an uncertainty itself if uncertainties on energy are not far below 1.15 eV, they can never go below 0.312 eV which corresponds to a 2.21 km/s, so why OPERA is seeing a 1.23 km/s uncertainty on the 7.5 km/s is a matter of great concern.

“I reviewed and the gammas do not really turn out to be very large numbers, infact to 20th power of beta gammas go to order of 5.002 in the right units everything fits in so well we will get a very exact number for minimum energy uncertainty in the order ev, most likely ~4 ev. so OPERA  must come clean on total energy uncertainties below say 4 ev to claim superluminal neutrinos, at their quoted levels of uncertainty on time. This is also in line with an article I wrote on 31/oct/2011 {citing Weinberg’s results from his text book, Weinberg’s results were for uncertainty on proper time of neutrino in the same order we find our speed uncertainty to be, which only mean the 7.5 km/s quoted by opera will be washed away by as little as 4 ev uncertainty on energy} this is also most likely that MINOS does not see any speed excess consistent with their significance as they had kinematically and combinatorially factored in their neutrino mass to be in the order of ~50 MeV. it is not the uncertainty in energy or time howsoever small or large they may be that is causing such excesses to be meaningful or meaningless. it is the uncertainty relation between energy-time, speed-time or {proper-time-time} that is in the order of h-cross, which is good enough to void any superluminal attributes neutrinos were thought to have.”

A stringent constraint on OPERA speed-excess:

Planck’s const = 6.6 10^{-7} eV-ns, A neutrino mass of 2 eV has to be measured to better than 1.15 eV to see any superluminal excess {After I fixed mistakes in my binomial expansion} At or above this error you see (7.5 + >=7.5) km/s, you can see that this is basic energy-time uncertainty relation. Nothing more. Neutrinos are really not fairy tale. {method: uncertainty = 1.15 eV x 10 ns X 300000 km/s = 7.5 km/s, minimum you must, is 2.1 km/s corresponding to 0.312 eV, so it does not rule out superluminal neutrinos, you just need to be between (0.312 – 1.15) eV in the OPERA set-up. If you have a 10 MeV total error somewhere you have to convince the world that this is not affecting neutrino mass more than 1.15 eV} My incorrect binomial factors had led to a 6% error on my earlier claim on minimum speed uncertainty, which was 1.98 km/s but now 2.21 km/s.

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