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Bad news for OPERA still continues

December 10, 2011

Mohan, mdashf

{despite earlier “computational”/oversight errors of mine}

earlier oversights corrected, now you can see the most clear idea I am proposing on OPERA neutrino

I am giving you a very accurate speed-time uncertainty relation for particles moving at speed of light, which I derived myself from 1st principles, I do not know if this has been established earlier this way, but likely that it must have been for as early as the invention of Quantum Mechanics, del_v.del_t >= -0.831*lamda_compton. {lambda_compton is reduced Compton wavelength = h/2.pi.m} This relation is sufficient to see why OPERA neutrinos are not superluminal, unless the energy uncertainties on neutrino are sufficiently below 18.1 KeV {this was earlier 0.751 KeV, an oversight}. That is all that matters to see the neutrinos are superluminal or not.

Glashow and Cohen definitely did something incorrect {as I had pointed 2 months ago} But now the QM uncertainty relationship says the same thing, 19.8 eV precision is needed on energy of neutrino to see neutrino speed excess at a precision of 8.23 m/s {earlier/oversight: 9.9 m/s}, so anything seen below or above shows neutrinos are superluminal or not. Glashow and Cohen invented a fictitious regime where one is uncertain at 5 GeV level which is not consistent with QM since one is seeing only a 10 ns precision on time which is simply not the case.

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