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The harrows that plough

February 18, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

When a harrow of happiness ploughs through your head

and you feel the rush of thoughts like a dead man alive

if only you know its momentary and causes you to take a stalk of your life

Do you think its divine?

Cos mind can work in absurd fashion and it is mind that rules.

What laws can break a mind and what mind can break a law is only not understood by fools.

In a matter of attraction and in the cupboards of memory you treasure them all

But is it a path that you have not taken or one that will soon be walked is for the future to call

In a mind of calculations and in a sitting of calmness there could be glory

A mind that has seeked the phantoms of reality and the quntums of philosophy can as well be a story

I perspire just to remind myself

And I wrote for the same reason

When you have lied to the internet

You can not have a good trust and relationship inbetween

So I put a word here and one there and whip out my randomness hysteria

Its 2 part randomness but 98 part hysteria

but what do you know what awaits you if you can check your myopia

Its for your life to take beautiful turns cos there ain’t no one man’s whim

If you can, you can aswell cross the suez in a suit of swim

It is not for me to inspire the fools

But a little earnest giving back for all the support when I was not cool

It is here I break the line of thoughts

Cos who has seen tomorrow it can be a lot

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