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The new glitch in OPERA

February 22, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

New Glitch in OPERA experiment that is against the spirit of FTL or superluminal neutrinos. LINK  

Manmohan Dash via

7:04 AM (8 minutes ago) to Debabrata


OPERA is wrong without this glitch as well. I have pinpointed this in many of my articles and one paper-communication. They have misinterpreted their result without much caution.

I had said they are potentially wrong even before they had their paper up on archive. Basically I was the first [in a few days of that paper] I had suggested that Uncertainty prinicple will suggest the answer to this anomaly and it does.

Actually I have updated only on a few websites including facebook, where now you have left, there is not a point I have tried to leave to prove they are wrong. eg I was the first one to analyze GPS clocks from General Relativity and many other aspects which are all pretty well documented on my webjournal: and

Here is what I had remarked on reading this sciencemag article [forwarded on facebook by couple guys]

“Whether or not there was a glitch in OPERA’s experiment from a cable that explains the 60 ns early arrival, what explains the team’s interpretation of this anti-establishment outpourings? I mean 3 hours of basic Physics could have suggested pretty easily that 3 years worth of data taking is merely consistent with establishment, the order of the Goliath. They did not interpret their results correctly and that is the crux of the matter. I have a punctured tyre, but what makes me think that I can drive 733 kms with it. I didn’t know I had a punctured tyre. But then its still punctured and it can not take you afar. Unless you assume that puncture tyres are as good as good ones and they can take you thousands of kms. What made them think they can refute Theory of Relativity so soon, especially since all their results have built upon it. They reconstructed the neutrinos by that theory. Mind it. Now they conveniently espoused and spiced up the FTL hypothesis and Journals were just queing up to pour in 100s of papers. And then there is still talk as recent as today, in the international media, that repetition of experiments will establish the facts. What a wastage of resources. And what a sorry day for science. Because everything is clear from basic science in this case Relativity special, general [if you want to consider GPS system, unwarranted] and Quantum Mechanics Uncertainty principle.”

Deb, when we talked a month or two ago, when you had called, I had given you the ideas I was testing then, namely Van Elburg’s fallacy and GPS system fallacy raised by some. Because GPS system works wonders. What did not was OPERA’s. [I had hinted upon this even 2 or 3 months ago by the time I was sure that they are most likely wrong] In science we could not immediately reject without testing the various aspects. I had back then argued that mm level accuracy is anyway achievable and acheived by many systems, not just OPERA. Many articles were written by me to address each and every aspects of the experimental anomaly. They did not focus on the implication of basic knowledge of Quantum Mechnaics and Relativity neither did any theoretician did. Everyone was trying to occupy some prime space in world media.

What a sordid state of affair reg. science. Everyday someone or someone else is trying to prove his machismo. 


On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 5:21 AM,

Debabrata Mohapatra <>  wrote: >

Hi Manmohan:  Check this:


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