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February 29, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Invariance Publishing House

There has been a very interesting and permeating discussion going on about “Quantum Entanglement” and any imperceptible but conceptual connection it might have with “Pauli Exclusion Principle”. This has been started by Brian Cox so if you win over him you can come with “who started first?”.

I had started writing free-lancingly on various things of interest to me when I had a new-found interest about such conceptual bickering a year or two ago. I therefore had changed the name of my blog to “Various Musings of a Klong Meson”. Its the Klong meson that was my raison d’etre  for almost a decade when I had to give up on it. But it’s a blog where I started writing on everything I could interest myself about and since I had many blog sites over the time I merged them later and tried to copy these articles and now you can get almost all I have written at…

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