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Flyby anomaly and Earth’s Schwarzschild radii are both millimeter order.

March 28, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Flyby anomaly and Earth’s Schwarzschild radii are both millimeter order. Its because they both come from Earth’s gravitational potential. So Flyby anomaly should never have been considered an anomaly in the first place. Call it a puzzle. Earth’s S-radii is 9 mm and anomalous speed ranges upto 13 mm. reasonable. (My detailed analysis gives exactly why S-radii determines this, S-radii=2mG, at surface speed anomaly is of order S-radii/actual-Radii) Note that all it means is since we are using light speed in our theory we must make an error at the order of S-radii since by definition S-radii is the distance over which the relevant mass does not let even light escape. So thats the minimum error or speed anomaly. That is where the singularity of theory of Relativity exists. Sun’s S-radii is 3 kms hence 3kms/s order error on satelites is permitted by theory of Relativity, at the surface or away from it which gradually drops down as we go far from the effect of gravity, asymptotically to zero. Which is what we are seeing. Except we do not go close to it’s surface hence we do not see 3kms/s. We are far away from it and seeing 1.27 mm/s. (400 kms/year is not small, millimeter accuracy is inbuilt into theory of Relativity, or it would not explain cosmology.)

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