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etymoana of “aswathama” mythical horse of Indian Purana

July 2, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Aswatahama [written aswathama in IndiaLIT]

do you know Aswa: horse in present day usage in India and uma: horse in present day usage in Japan.

Is it possible Aswa-t-uma [aswa-bat-uma=an aswa like a uma] points to a hi-breed of two kinds of horses?

Funny it sounds but nothing of that sort was impossible in older times. What was impossible is modern day computers and airplanes.

It can also [from how its pronunciated be said like aswa to uma aswa and uma].

But from the myth of India aswathama is a specialized powerful horse. So I guess it does not prove that such hi-breeds were there 2000 yrs ago [or as Indian myth lovers would say 5000 years ago] but possible that it was so 300-800 or more years ago. Because myth has a way of entering 50 years ago and claiming 500 years ago. Its myth. Its mythya [=false in Indian, and my etymoana says ya denotes “in relation to” in Indian/sancrit]. In-fact in Sancrit [I am not writing sanscrit] ja/ya/ia are variants from degradation [one linguistic insight is when degradation ]

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