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September 25, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Invariance Publishing House

Now that I described in detail how a meson wave-function is a superposition of its quark-contents through the latter’s wave-function as a solution to a differential equation known as a Schrodinger’s equation its time to describe a little more how exactly this is worked out in an experimental facility.

Since I gave the {K-zero + anti-K-zero} wave-function as a production facility for the K-long or the K-short mesons which are produced at the same time from such a wave-function but not at equal rates and with same mass but not with equal lifetime, here is a specific example of how this occurs in nature.

Reconstruction of

from the simulation of a two body decay.

A simulation is a “mimicry” of the actual reality so that we could understand better whats going on even if we may not have access to all the real information and also we may…

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