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September 25, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Invariance Publishing House

Rising Oceanic Levels

The altimeters use satelite data. In the last year I have very extensively calculated the flyby anomaly data. I found that my 60-page calculations essentially solved the ridlle which was not consistent with Relativity Theory of Einstein. But I solved it and results are updated to my website and also described in a few articles that there actually is no riddle. Such an anomaly doesn’t exist if one properly applies the Relativity Laws. I later realized it as a simple understanding as a ratio of Schwarzchild Radii of earth and the satelite’s separation from earth plus the exact trajectory of the satelite and the Doppler effects [since radar is on earth and satelite in Earth’s field] Then it turns out that Earth’s S-radii being 9 mm, the order ranges for a given satelite Flyby-II its observed variations of 3.92 or 2.62 mm/s at whatever positions. Perigee/remote-gravity.


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