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October 22, 2012

Mohan, mdashf


A picturesque article

Invariance Publishing House

Our new house which is located in the hilly-panorama of Dhenkanal is surrounded mostly by the wild. There is a lake which is acres large [could be several acres during rainy season and they call it a pond, but it being kind of natural and over acres of land my intuition is its a lake] The locality is mostly rural but partly in the urban outskirts of Dhenkanal which was a small kyoto of erstwhile Indian Kingdoms [Japanese: kyoto, Indian Gadh and Chinese Jingdu, (jin-gadh, jin-kyoto) is capital, jin is people and kyoto is capital, note: kyoto is koto a phonetic-variation of gadh]

Scroll down to see some details of Odisha state.

panorama of where my home is situated, here are a few pictures.

Odisha state is [at-least] two millenia old , a state of India now, where I was born in December 1978. Odisha has many grand temples [

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