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connection between special relativity and general relativity

July 25, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

What made the connection between special relativity and general relativity is a simple observation. Einstein didn’t tell me but I realize.

special relativity: if you are moving fast all processes will run faster because now you have more energy. [just like you run more when you have more energy and this is applicable to time, special case time dilation, time runs faster because more energy is available, eg when a clock is in spaceship, intuition: this insight could have come to Archimedes. Nothing special, it just didn’t, sometimes it takes 2000 yrs to realize what we have really understood, Einstein did this but Newton could have done time dilation in terms of classical mechanics]

The connecting link: now that time and any process runs faster because of more energy they would run slower if less energy is available. SO a force that stops gradually, the motion, will reduce the rate at which any process/time runs. This would be time contraction. [just  so that energy is conserved time-units and length units etc are readjusted. eg in a complicated situation everything would readjust and every situation will have a different time dilation/contraction formula ]  The connecting link is since deceleration has reduced the time rate [time contraction] all deceleration are equivalent to something that causes clocks/time to run slower. We would know that time runs slower in Gravitational fields because less energy is now available [reverse if you are escaping a gravity field, see how easy redshift etc are]

So deceleration is equivalent to a gravity field. Which is exactly what principle of equivalence of Einstein is. ‘In some paperwork” I have proved this equivalence from classical mechanics. [only from Newtonian formula for gravity].

This means many special and general relativity ideas are actually also classical mechanics ideas but Einstein extended them and made them more general, exact and advanced. eg Einstein studied them in more situations than were studied before. Time dilation, equivalence principle and gravitational dilation are all simple classical mechanics ideas. All the details I have written in recent articles in in this website check last 1-3  months under Relativity/Physics tag.

symmetry, unitarity, symmetry breaking

July 18, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

In simpler words symmetry means nature of force and unitarity means Oneness or unchangeability of the force. So symmetry and unitarity are mutually found.

Take this example. A man is driving on a highway from a shopping mall and reaches home. Its the same man that was in the mall that is now at home. So the underlying force didn’t change the man into eg a bear. This “nature” of the objects is called a symmetry and quantitatively this is to be described by forces that are unitary. That is the force thats involved didn’t change the shape and size of the man. shape, size, appearance are therefore unitary. But the man sweat off, changed clothes, lost some pizza weight etc and thus one needs a new force to explain such change. This is a symmetry breaking. The changes are a symmetry breaking. The constancy is a symmetry.

Now think of an electron. The force here is such that the electron will change into something else. It may or may not change, just like the man. In one case a force that describes the electron is a symmetry force. In another its a broken symmetry. Broken symmetries can be added to symmetries to describe the whole picture and this new definition is called unification.

The unitarity is the fact that many variables change but in a way the over all change is zero.

[mainly energy does not change, but also carries to other conserved variable, in Quantum Mechanics probability is connected to energy density hence energy conservation or unitarity is probability conservation, that is, if you normalized probability distribution you will have that so for all time evolution. Normalized probability is 1 which is why the name unitarity. Unitarity force would mean normalized force when all force must add to unit-force ]

When thats so its called a symmetry. electron scattering off a proton is a symmetry or a unitarity group because its still the electron. But electron changing into say a photon by making out with a positron would be a breaking of that symmetry if these two processes are to be defined by two different forces.

Unitarity and Symmetry are the same thing

Broken Symmetry

Spontaneous Symmetry breaking, unitarity, unification

Why is a blackhole a sucker? Whats beer?

July 17, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Why is a blackhole a sucker? [According to Theory of Gravity everyone is a sucker] Because it caught a nuclear fire and lost much of its energy. From the fire now it looks blacks. But because it does not have much energy such a reduction essentially means there is hardly any space there to create hotels or any energy to run the clocks. [and all the other impending activities such as sprinting sports] So when Mr photon arrrives there he gets dragged towards the sucker like you get dragged when there is no friction on your floor. When it can’t stand how can it run? Well think about it, may be when you are taking shower. Therefore light does not escape blackholes. Light needs the least amount of energy to do anything because it got no mass, more massive objects more energy and Blackhole can’t supply such energy to them. Nothing therefore escapes a black-hole. Only a little chance for very light particles such as Mr photon to escaope which is a loophole.

The archimedes principle of time-dilation: If you go against energy your clocks will slowdown and if your clocks take energy pills they will run faster.

What does a meteor’s mama tell her before she ensues on that voyage towards earth “Don’t go towards him, he is a sucker like your father, he will take all your money and energy”. Meteor: But mummy I will enjoy it, I get so much kinetic energy when I lose my potential to do stuff.

And this conversation is being noted on earth as a blueshift [check last post] a blue shift is towards misery. Because when energy is reduced it means relative to the original energy it is reduced and therefore frequency is reduced which is a -ve sign for relative frequency [df/f] and +ve sign for relative time [therefore time increament or time contraction]The easiest way to remember time dilation: redshift Vs blue shift. Red is when you are happy, you are gaining energy/money/peace [getting less and less trapped eg by gravity, banks, taxing governments and you are moving away from such miseries]. Blue is for misery, you are losing energy/money/peace [getting more and more trapped by something as in approaching a gravitational object or any -ve energy object such as Bank, Taxing Governments]

Natures rules are so opposite to that of our traffic signal. In trafic signal red is misery and blue is happiness.

and the Jokes

What is Science?
Sciencce is one of the few ways available to young people to get admission into college.

What is beer?
Beer is what you want to drink when a beautiful girl is sitting not very far from you and yet you cannot tell her you would like to spend some time with her in privacy and everyone else sitting with you are also thinking so, so they are also drinking it.

What is water?   its a very simple way to say the chemical formula H2O? without having to explain it? If they want you to explain water you go “Sir are you really ready for it?” Cos if you would like I would give you an exposition on valence electrons? and then from there go on to like the whole periodic table? and give you a brief overview of table and some sort furnitures itself? And if you find …it still complicated I would tell you about why water was just there so we could drink something? but actually the dinos died cos they drank methanol. so the periodic table might have been a little useful towards the dinos? They could still complan that they could not remember so many things? And eventually they forgot and died. So lets just call it water.

Spontaneous symmetry breaking of electroweak force and Higgs

July 17, 2012

Mohan, mdashf

Higgs: When they introduce new scalar fields [new gauge] the symmetry of electroweak forces are broken. That is, NO MORE electromagnetic and weak forces are but the same force. In that case the scalar fields show up as energy with masses of the particles. This is quite easy to understand. The 4-vectors always have scalar components separated from the vector components. Hence introducing scalar f…ields [potentials] is same as introducing new energy/mass. In many 4-vectors there are explicit mass terms. So very simple: you introduce a gauge breaking potential/energy/mass and say we “get” it as well. This mass is then an additional property of all participating particles and Higgs is the name of this mass. [always invariant mass occurs as scalar component of 4-vectors] The whole idea was then to check if experiment confirms this. Higgslike has been confirmed. [Higgs needs more properties eg no spin]
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