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CV [html/pdf]

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]



Email: [preferred],

Phone (res): Cell: +91-09437441450 [preferred] +91-06762-227555,

Web: Founder of Invariance Publishing House, web-journal,,,

Career Objective: Research fellowship, advance research, academic pursuits, technology/publishing/communication projects 

Priority availability: Teaching and Training classroom and Labs


  • Academically enriched, 10+ years of rich experience from the grassroots predominantly in Physics, IT and international scientific efforts.
  • Researcher, Experimental High Energy Physics and MSc (Specialization in Particle Physics) with thorough understanding of various scientific techniques, Novel Algorithm Development Aptitude, Statistical data analysis of High Energy Physics events, event generator modules like qq98, Pythia, JETSET, evtgen etc., C++, Fortran, codes and scripts for large scale data analysis.
  • Experienced to teach, motivate and direct students, maintaining high interest and achievement levels in exciting learning environment.

Key Awards/Honors

  • Invited speaker in numerous national and international seminars, symposia and meetings, 2006-2010.
  • Invited speaker in American Physical Society and Japanese Physical Society conferences, 2006.
  • Research assistance for numerous travels and extended stay at international laboratories and conferences, 2002-2008.
  • Fellowship offered to pursue advance studies in US University, international Lab, 2001.
  • “Properties of Liquid Crystals”, 2nd best seminar, Utkal University, 2000.

Selected Publications: For viewing the full list, check at HEP SPIRES on web at or,

Lists more than 325 “Published” and “in review” works: [2002 – 2010]

  • Nature 452, 332-335 (20 March 2008), “Difference in direct charge-parity violation between charged and neutral B meson decays”.
  • Physics Letters B, Volume 662, Issue 2, 17 April 2008, Pages 102-110, “Measurement of the ratio “B (D0 → π+ππ0) / B (D0 → Kπ+π0)” and the time-integrated CP asymmetry in D0 → π+ππ0
  • PRL 97, 061804 (2006), “Measurement of D0 → πlν / Klν Form Factors and Absolute Branching Fractions” arXiv: hep-ex/0701053v1. 


My past research was focused on an investigation on finding out an asymmetry that exists in decays of specific mesons because of interference contributed by Cabibbo Favored and Suppressed channels of the decays. Details are compiled in my Research letter.


PhD, Experimental High Energy Physics, On LOA from Virginia Tech, USA.

Thesis work submitted, “Experimental Results on KShort – KLong Asymmetry in D0 Decays”

(Work done in affiliation to: KEK Lab, Japan)

MSc (Specialization in Particle Physics) – 2001; Utkal University, India; First Division

BSc (Honors in Physics) – 1999; Dhenkanal College, Utkal University, India; Honors and First Division


  • Monitored and maintained high voltage equipment
  • Maintained hard drive storage devices, maintained system and networking devices, administered data backup
  • Service & Contribution: Trouble-shooting of experimental data acquisition @Belle, KEK, Japan, 2003-2006
  • Service & Contribution: Trouble-shooting of operation of detector @Belle, KEK, Japan, 2002-2006
  • Proficient in Unix/Linux/MacOS/Window

Key projects:  

  • The belle experiment at high-energy accelerator research organization, Japan, 2002 – 2009/2010.
  • Studied properties of liquid crystals @Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, summer 2000.


SYNERGY INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, Odisha, India                   August 2009 – April 2010

Assistant Professor (Physics Department, 4 year Engineering College)

Taught Engineering Physics which consists of “Oscillation and Waves, Electromagnetism & Quantum Mechanics and its applications” for two semesters.

  • Taught theory and lab classes. Carried out administration and examination assignments.
  • Submitted proposals to AICTE (Organization of Indian Govt.) to set up a new Physics Lab.
  • Member in faculty recruitment and interview.
  • Performed duties on lesson plans and performed administrative tasks of recording attendance, managing student portfolios and providing individual assistance to the students.
  • Significantly influenced classroom-learning environment.


Research Work

  • Worked extensively on finding out an asymmetry that has been predicted to exist in decays of neutral charmed mesons to their cabibbo-favored and suppressed final states via the K and anti-K meson because of interference contributed by these channels of the decays. Performed statistical data-analysis to experimentally measure this asymmetry in two decay modes of a charmed meson, which is superior to previous studies.
  • Between May 2002 – Aug 2003 and May 2004 – Nov 2006, performed extensive studies in Monte Carlo simulation in High Energy Physics.
  • Worked in all aspects of the particle detector which is a state of the art electron – positron collider
  • Disseminated the results of many studies by the collaboration at KEK to the wider scientific audience.

PHYSICS DEPARTMENT, VIRGINIA TECH, USA                                                                               (2001 – 2008)

Course work:

Classical Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Methods of Theoretical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Classical Mechanics & Mathematical Methods of Physics, Optics & Modern Physics, Computational Physics & Particle Physics.

Research Assistant                                                                              (Spring 2002 – Fall 2007, Spring 2008)

  • Learned the belle experiment at KEK, developed a course of my research activities, performed data analysis at belle, helped the running of the experiment in the capacity of an expert in several aspects, developed large amount of software which brought marvelous changes in the quality of the data-analysis, formulated my research course independently and under supervision of experienced researchers.
  • Presented bi-weekly progress reports, mentored junior graduate students, involved in outreach activities, participated in international conferences and delivered invited presentations in international physical societies.


Teaching Assistant                                                                              (Fall 2001, Spring 2004 & Spring 2008)

  • Actively involved in helping undergraduate students with problem solving, evaluated exam papers.
  • Partly taught an undergraduate course in Mechanics to a class of about 20 students.
  • Taught undergraduate lab in Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism to multiple classes of students.


[Seminars at Centers of Advance Research]

  • Seminar at Inter-University Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Pune, India, 12 July 2010
  • Colloquium at Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar, India, 13 April 2010.
  • Seminar at Dept. of High Energy Physics of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India, 08 June 2009.
  • Seminar at Center for High Energy Physics of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 18 February 2009.
  • Outstanding Graduate Researcher, GLC speaker series at Virginia Tech, VA, USA, 25 January 2008.
  • Graduate Students Seminar at Physics Department, Virginia Tech, VA, USA, 16 November 2007.

[Talks at International Conference]

  • (APS/DPF2006+JPS2006), Honolulu, Hawaii, 29 October – 03 November 2006. The Joint Meeting of the Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities sponsored by American Physical Society and Japanese Physical Society.
  • SESAPS 2006, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, 09 – 11 November 2006. South Eastern Section of American Physical Society meeting.


  • Some aspects of cosmology and early universe, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, India, 2010.
  • B Factories & New Measurements, Tsukuba, Japan, 13-14 September 2006.
  • Trigger/DAQ workshop in Niigata, Japan, 16-17 March 2006.
  • High Energy & Phenomenology Conference in Bhubaneshwar, India, January 2006.
  • April meeting of the American Physical Society, Tampa Bay, Florida, April 2005.


I have visited leading universities and laboratories in USA, India and Japan.

  • IUCAA: 2 weeks, Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune, India, June 30, 2010 – July 13, 2010.
  • TIFR: 1 week, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India, June 22, 2010 – June 27, 2010.
  • IoMA: 1 week, Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneshwar, India, April 12, 2010 – April 17, 2010.
  • TIFR: 2 weeks, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India, May 27, 2009 – June 15, 2009.
  • JLab: 1 day, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia, USA, November 2006.
  • KEK: 5 years, Numerous short and long term visits to KEK Lab, Tsukuba, Japan, between May 2002 – July 2007                       [May 2002 – Aug 2003, May 2004 – April 2005, April 2005 – aug 2005, Sept 2005 – Feb 2006, Feb 2006 – May 2006, Jun 2006 – Jul 2006, Aug 2006 – Sept 2006, Nov 2006 – Dec 2006, July 2007 for a week]


  • College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia [conference]
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • North Carolina State University, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • University of Missouri at St Louis, Missouri
  • Niigata University, Niigata, Japan [Conference]
  • Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, Japan … and many more


  • American Physical Society [South Eastern Section].
  • Division of Particles & Fields.
  • Division of Nuclear Physics.
  • Division of Astrophysics.
  • Forums on Physics and Society.
  • Forums on International Physics.
  • Belle Experiment, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan, 2002 – 2009/2010.
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