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Dear Readers: thanks for stopping by. A large number of people have now read this article [As many as 18 K times read in last 16 months, as shown in above plot] But only 30 people have rated this article. If you revisit or visit for 1st time do try to be more interactive by rating and, or; liking the article. You can also share the article. If you share more, it will inspire me to write more useful material, as I maintain this site without any financial or external support. I maintain it all by myself. So by sharing eg by clicking social buttons at bottom; you can help the website. And I say that, if you like it, if you like it put a ring on it.

Disclaimer: Please do not send me your CV or motivational letters, to my email, or call me…

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Mohan, mdashf

Kudos to Readers and Followers of all my blogsites on bloggers and wordpress

Invariance Publishing House

Invariance Publishing House which has been running for years now by Manmohan Dash, but in this .org form for only a year or so,  wants to extend a heartfelt warm wish to its readership which includes its generous followers for being so magnanimous with the goals of this webjournal. The journal has many ambitions in its pipeline which would not be successful if its readership does not interact more actively here or elsewhere. To my pleasure the readership has been really supportive and far and wide into 100s of countries. [96 countries in the last 8 months but since the inception of this journal in a few other website-domain this is easily a double figure of this as is also evidenced eg on, one of the prime source of the current website and maintained wellbefore this one in the namesake: Various Musings, This website: had the…

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Mohan, mdashf

Invariance Publishing House

Rising Oceanic Levels

The altimeters use satelite data. In the last year I have very extensively calculated the flyby anomaly data. I found that my 60-page calculations essentially solved the ridlle which was not consistent with Relativity Theory of Einstein. But I solved it and results are updated to my website and also described in a few articles that there actually is no riddle. Such an anomaly doesn’t exist if one properly applies the Relativity Laws. I later realized it as a simple understanding as a ratio of Schwarzchild Radii of earth and the satelite’s separation from earth plus the exact trajectory of the satelite and the Doppler effects [since radar is on earth and satelite in Earth’s field] Then it turns out that Earth’s S-radii being 9 mm, the order ranges for a given satelite Flyby-II its observed variations of 3.92 or 2.62 mm/s at whatever positions. Perigee/remote-gravity.


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Mohan, mdashf

Invariance Publishing House

Now that I described in detail how a meson wave-function is a superposition of its quark-contents through the latter’s wave-function as a solution to a differential equation known as a Schrodinger’s equation its time to describe a little more how exactly this is worked out in an experimental facility.

Since I gave the {K-zero + anti-K-zero} wave-function as a production facility for the K-long or the K-short mesons which are produced at the same time from such a wave-function but not at equal rates and with same mass but not with equal lifetime, here is a specific example of how this occurs in nature.

Reconstruction of

from the simulation of a two body decay.

A simulation is a “mimicry” of the actual reality so that we could understand better whats going on even if we may not have access to all the real information and also we may…

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