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This is a preliminary attempt to get you subscribed to this webjournal. The subscription tools/methods haven’t been set-up yet so you can directly subscribe on the main page till a new method is not set. [main page

Subscribe to Invariance Publishing House of the MDashFoundation for a more effective experience with the goals of this web-journal.

Manmohan Dash, founder of this webjournal [] welcomes you to sign-up to get more regular updates of the articles and contents of this webjournal. You can sign-up for a free email address and your expertise as an expert, editor, contributor, author, researcher, comment follower, advisor will be valuable to this webjournal. We want a serious audience of science/research/academia/social-economic phenomena/international affairs in short pretty much anything intellectually or academically interesting. If you think you like this website despite of the fact that you can not contribute in anyway but would like to drop a line or even “hi” please do so. Its important for us if you spread the word of this webjournal and forward the links of articles or web-pages to an audience who will find this useful.

As I am the only one at present who is maintaining all functional aspects of the website it will be easier for me to make a better science impact if experienced scientists and readers team-up for this effort. This webjournal aspires to be an open-access international standard Journl in its content areas and once the website is ready for better efficiency and productivity I will take extra measures and financial efforts to marketing the contents for massive readers-reach. You can also contribute in such a way and it will be a value based useful and yet open-access Journal for the science community.

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